Friday, January 3, 2014

Doodles Days is underway!

Thank you all who have signed up and sarted publishing those Doodle Days videos!  You all are rocking the doodles! It's definitely fun to see what everyone produces!  The enthusiams is catching!  there's still plenty of time to catch up so come on and join us for 30 days of doodle-rific fantabulousness! (ok fo I made that up, but it's still a hoot!).

Here are my first two days of doodles.
Day 1
He's so adorable. I will definitely be turning him into a digital image for February!  I want to make a series of him.  I think I'll call him Fred!

Day 2
Rose Elf
She started from the desire to draw a bunch of roses in a girl's hair.  However, it came out unexpectedly.  Then again that is THE BEST part of art and doodling- I rarely know what I'll end up with!

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  1. The spontaneity - for some artists it is a gift. For others learned. But to learn spontaneity? Bit of an oxymoron! Nice doodling!


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